Drinking Water Filtration Systems in Long Island, NY

There are many concerns about the water quality delivered by the municipal system. Many municipalities treat water with cleansing chemicals or deliver it to your home using lead service lines. That water might even carry biological and mineral contaminants, like high levels of iron or arsenic from the soil. When you consider all these variables, water purification just makes sense!

Installing a simple under-sink water purification system is the best way to ensure your home’s drinking water supply is sanitary and safe. Depending on your needs, AquaFuture, Inc. offers several drinking water filtration systems on Long Island, NY you may benefit from.

Types of Under-Sink Systems

Under-sink systems are a type of point of use (POU) filtration. Here are some of the most common types of systems:

  • carbon filter

    Carbon filters:

    Carbon filtration systems rely on activated carbon to draw chemicals and toxins out of water passing through the filter. Our proprietary system uses three stages of carbon filtration for optimal chemical absorption and a bacteria removal filter.

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  • reverse-osmosis

    Reverse osmosis:

    Using a series of membranes to remove all impurities, reverse osmosis systems on Long Island, NY, are one of the most advanced and effective water purification methodologies.

  •  distilled filtration


    Simulating the earth’s natural processes of evaporation and condensation, distillation is another way to remove all chemical and mineral impurities from your home or business’ drinking water.

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Depending on the scope of your POU system and the type of filtration that you need, there may be other types of under sink filters that are suitable for your use. Be sure to consult with a water purification expert to learn more!

Install Under-Sink Filtration

AquaFuture, Inc. is a trusted provider of under sink filtration technology. To learn more about our wide range of POU filtration options, reach one of our friendly representatives today by calling us at 631-471-6568.